Ba Energy Bar With 5 Tropical Fruits

High in Protein
Cereal bar with dried and canned tropical fruit and glaze of yoghurt flavour

Cereal ingredients 30% (whole grain oat (gluten) flakes 13%, corn grift, corn flour, rice flour), firming agent, maltitols, glaze of yoghurt (cow's milk) flavour 16%, vegetable oil (palm kernel), whey (cow's milk) powder 1,6%, cocoa fat, emulsifier, lecithins, flavouring, candied pineapple pieces 4,5% (pineapple 51%, sugar, preservatives sulphur dioxide), banana pieces 4% (bananas 55%, vegetable oil (coconut), sugar, flavouring), maltodextrin, desiccated coconuts 3,5% (desiccated coconuts, preservatives sulphur dioxide), candied papaya pieces 32%, (papaya 62% , sugar, preservatives sodium metabisulphite), candied cantaloupe pieces 1,9% (cantaloupe 54%, sugar, preservative: sodium metabisulphite), baker's honey, vegetable oil (palm kernel), humectant sorbitols, acidity regulator, citric acid, emulsifiers: lecithins, salt, flavouring.
Product may contain peanuts, tree nuts, soya, sesame

Energy, 170 Kcal
Fat, 5g
- of which saturated, 4g
Sodium, 40mg
Carbohydrates, 29g
- of which sugars, 7.4g
Fiber, 0.9g