Ba Muesli 5 Dried Fruits & Honey


Muesli with raisin, cranberry, apricot ,almond , prunes.
It is not just any other muesli cereal product but a unique formulation with added benefits. A specialized and customized product, this Bakalland Crunchy Muesli contains five dried Fruits & Honey.


Cereal ingredients 54% (wholemeal flakes 45%: wheat; oat, flour: rice, corn, oat), 7% baker's honey, sugar, 10% raisins (cotton and/or sunflower oil, 99.5% raisins), dried cranberry 7% (sugar, cranberry 65%, sunflower oil), palm oil, dried plums 3% {(dried plums), preservative: potassium sorbate)}, dried apricots cut 2% {(dried apricots), preservative: sulfur dioxide)}, almond flakes 2%, aromas, emulsifier: lecithins, salt.

Energy, 449Kcal
-of which saturated, 4.5g
Protein, 10g
Carbohydrates, 64g
- of which sugar, 21g