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Bites Of Delight

Bites Of Delight Molasses Crackers

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Gluten Free
Low Calorie

Molasses crackers, perfect as an afternoon snack

Nobody should feel worried or guilty about what they eat. That’s why these vegan crackers were created. They are low in calories and completely free of preservatives, dip them in coffee and enjoy the wonderful experience.

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Buckwheat Flour,Millet Flour,Adzuki Beans,Maize Flour,Lupine,Tapioca,Coconut Oil,And Carob Molasses.

Energy, (Kcal)75 Fat, (g)2.5 -of which saturates, (g)0 Carbohydrates, (g)10 -of which sugars, (g)2.1 Fiber, (g)0 Protein, (g)3 Salt, (g)120mg