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Biosecure Deo. Sans Sels Daluminium


Without alcohol and without aluminum salts, Biosecure deodorant ball provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and dynamism for 24 hours. Its natural assets help neutralize the formation of body odor. Aloe vera and shea participate in the respect of the balance of the skin.


ALOE VERA BIO: Recognized for its nourishing properties, it brings comfort and softness to your skin for the whole day.
ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER: Naturally rich in essential fatty acids, shea butter is known to nourish the skin. Your skin is smoother and more supple.
ESSENTIAL OIL OF GRAPEFRUIT AND ROSEMARY: They bring a fresh and natural note.
ORGANIC ROSE FLORAL EXTRACT: Softening, it is suitable for sensitive skin
DEODORANT AGENT: Molecule that has a deodorant activity.