Jardin Bio

Jardin Bio Bio Tomato Sauce Provencale


Delicious sauce made with organic tomatoes, cooked in olive oil and spiced up with herbs. A real delight in pasta, rice and cereals.
Jardin Bio products are all free of chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms. Plus, they are 100% free of palm oil and made with only organic ingredients.


Tomatoes * 81% (tomato purée * medium-reduced, crushed tomatoes *), onions * in pieces, sea salt, herbs * 0.5% (basil *, parsley *, herbes de Provence *, rosemary *, oregano * ), extra virgin olive oil *, garlic puree *, cane raw sugar *, sunflower oil *, black pepper *.* Products from organic farming.

Energy, 47 Kcal Fat,1.1g -of which saturates,0.2g Carbohydrates,6.3g -of which sugars,5.9g Fibre,2.5g Protein,1.6g Salt,1.1g