Airsnax Salt Crisps

High in Protein
Gluten Free

AIRSNAX Salted puffed, airy, chickpeas and peas snack in classic ready salted. A taste of the sea to keep the waves of hunger at bay. AIRSNAX will leave you full and satisfied; snacks aren’t healthy if they leave you hungry. That’s why AirSnax smashes light with filling.


Chickpea flour (34%), Rice flour, potato starch, yellow peas (9%), green peas (9%), Flavoring, high oleic sunflower oil, corn flour, salt, sunflower lecithin

Energy, 378Kcal fat, 8.7g - of which saturated, 1g carbohydrates, 54.7g - of which sugar, 5.1g Fiber, 10g protein, 15.3g