Le Pre

Le Pre Apple Juice

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Pressed with nothing but the best apples from Lebanon’s orchards. This is not your regular apple juice, it’s a refined blend of different kinds of apples. Perfect with breakfast to kickstart the day, or as a revitalizing snack.

Handpicked by Lebanese pomologists, these natural juices and vinegars will bring you closer to nature with every sip you take. Plus, le Pre products are IS0 22000 certified. Bonus: Le Pre bottles are made of a 100% recyclable glass.

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Energy, (Kcal)110 Fat, (g)0 -of which saturates, (g)0 Carbohydrates, (g)0 -of which sugars, (g)18 Fibre, (g)0 Protein, (g)0 Salt, (g)0