Ella's Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruit - The White one


I’m 100% organic squished fruits packed with apples, bananas, coconut milk, pineapples, melon juice + dash of lemon juice. I'm a handy smoothie fruit snack with nothing else added, not even water.

Also, I'm now fully recyclable! Now you can pop me into your recycling bin at home - just remember to keep my cap on. Thanks!


Organic Apples 52%,

Organic Bananas 23%,

Organic Coconut Milk 12%,

Organic Pineapples 10%,

Organic Melon Juice 4%,

Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (a dash),

Other Stuff 0%

Energy,72kcal Fat,2.3g - of which Saturates,1.9g Carbohydrate,11.8g - of which Sugars,10.4g Fibre,1g Protein,0.6g Salt,0.03g