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Low Calorie
Pack of 12 signature tea bags, filled with natural organic blends of teas and herbals, for more than 30 infusions or 12 pots of tea.

An assortment of herbs, fruits, flowers and spices that you didn’t think you would meet in this lifetime.

At healing stage, you would be completing the 36 blends’ Challenge, giving 96 herb species the chance to help you renew your cells and regenerate your energy, change old beliefs and establish new habits in your life like taking the time for drinking tea many times a day, to build and sustain the healthiest life style in harmony with your nature.

It contains:

4 Tea blends for after breakfast:
• AWAKENING: English Breakfast / Bachelor’s Button / Peach / Almond flower
• HEART POWER: Matcha / Milk Thistle
• HIGH FREQUENCY: Yunnan red tea / Red Clover flower / Thyme
• REVIVAL: Mate / Linden / Lemon Balm / Green Cardamom / Jujube

4 Energizing herbal tea blends for after lunch:

• SOBRIETY: Hibiscus / Cumin / Ginger / Red Clover
• NO PROBLEM: Zallouh / Turmeric / Cinnamon / Cloves / Fennel / Black peppercorn / Star Anise
• CHERRY ON TOP: Damiana / Palo Santo / Cherry stick & fruit
• CELEBRATION: Nettle / Rosehip / Beetroot / Star Anise / Daisy

4 Relaxing herbal tea blends for after dinner:
• RELIEF: Lavender / Butterfly Pea / Daisy
• DEEP SLEEP: Chamomile / Roman Chamomile / Red Clover / Sage / Mastic
• SVELTE: Sweet Scented Geranium / Lotus / Basil
• EXHALE: Peppermint / Echinacea / Cacao seed

Packed in a beautiful 100% ecofriendly gift box that makes a great present for special occasions and dinner invitations, and consists of:
• 12 cotton tea bags on a bay stick
• Blend benefits list
• Suggested guideline
• Gift of 15g bay Laurel leaves
• Reusable tea box/ tissue box

Weight: 150g