Sweet Soy Drink

High in Protein
Low Fat
Lactose Free

Delicately sweet, and a creamy texture: this Soft Soy drink can be consumed at any time of the day!

Low in saturated fatty acids. Naturally lactose free. The cap of our Soy Drink is made from sug


TONYU* (WATER, non-GMO hulled SOYA BEANS* 8%), agave syrup*, Lithothamnium calcareum seaweed 0.4%, natural vanilla flavour, stabilisers: guar gum*, xanthan gum; concentrated lemon juice*, sea salt.

Energy, 50Kcal Total of fat,2.5g -of which sat, 0.5g Total of carbohydrates,2.7g -of which fiber,0.5g -of which sugar,2.5g proteins,3.9g