Kiddylicious Mini Coconut Rolls Infant Snack 12 Months+

Dairy Free

Our Mini Coconut Rolls are perfect for little ones exploring new tastes. Tube shaped with a hollow centre, they’re great for helping little hands develop that pincer grip. Made with fresh coconut milk, our Coconut Rolls are gently baked to give a light, crispy texture which grown-ups will love almost as much as the kids.


Coconut milk (43%), Tapioca starch, Coconut syrup Rice flour, Taro (root vegetable – used to help hold the rolls together), Egg

Energy, 532Kcal Fat, 28.4g - of which saturated, 15.6g Carbohydrates, 65.5g - of which sugar, 23.1g fiber, 0.7g protein, 3.17g salt, 0.08g