Kiddylicious Veggie Straws Cheesy Flavour


Our delicious Veggie Straws are perfect for little ones from 9 months.

With their hollow centres and clever tube shape, our Straws are as tasty as they are easy to hold. Perfect for little ones working on their pincer grip and hand to mouth coordination.

We try to ensure each bag has a variety of different coloured Straws, however we cannot always guarantee this.

We have three delicious flavours to choose from.


Veggie straws – Potato starch (30%), rapeseed oil, rice flour (19%), yellow pea flour (18%), cheese flavour seasoning (rice flour, natural flavouring, onion powder, yeast extract powder), potassium chloride (natural way to keep the texture melty), tomato powder, salt, beetroot powder.

Energy, 502 Kcal fat,25g - of which saturated, 2g carbohydrates, 62g - of which sugar, 0.7g fiber, 3.1g protein, 6.4g salt, 0.72g