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Bjorg Light Soybeverage

Low Fat
Lactose Free

It is naturally rich in protein.

The packaging for this drink is made from green electricity and 88% plant material. Its cap is made from sugar cane, a 100% renewable material.

This bjorg drink can be enjoyed as a classic drink, as an addition to your muesli or your cereals or even as a basic ingredient in a vegan dessert recipe.

Let yourself be surprised by the lightness of the soy taste of this drink. Low in fat, it retains all the virtues of soy.

It also guarantees you a protein and fiber intake


Water,Tonyu,Water,Non-Gmo Shelled Soybeans 4.3%,Unrefined Cane Sugar,Inulin,Seaweed Lithothamnium Calcareum 0.4%,Natural Flavor,Stabilizer Carrageenans.

Energy,46kcal Protein,3.9g Fat,2.6g Carbohydrates,1.5g - of which Sugar,1.2g Fibre,0.5g Salt,0.3g