Organix Banana Rice Cake Clouds

NEW and improved texture! Lighter, fluffier and even meltier for little fingers to grab, hold and munch!
Deliciously light and fruity, our Banana Rice Cake Clouds are gently puffed into chunky circles, and all we add is the juice from bananas and apples to every one. They’re the ideal first finger food, fun to explore, play and deliciously tasty in every way!

Rice84.9%, Banana juice concentrate12.7%,Apple juice concentrate2.3%,Thiamin (Vitamin B1)*<0.1%

Energy, 388Kcal Fat,0.6g -of which saturates,0g Carbohydrates,89.1g -of which sugars,8.3g Fibre,0.5g Protein,6.3g Sodium,0.03g Salt,0.02g