Organix Banana Weaning Wand

Delight little learners with our Banana Weaning Wands made simply from corn & oats and coated with banana.  Gently baked into chunky sticks they are easy to grab, hold and happily munch.  Perfectly sized for little fingers they make a delicious first finger food, plus they melt in the mouth too.

Corn64.0%, Wholegrain oat flour16.0%, Sunflower oil10.0%, Banana powder10.0%, Thiamin (Vitamin B1) *<0.1%

Energy, 438Kcal Fat,13g -of which saturates,1.4g Carbohydrates,70g -of which sugars,7.6g Fibre,3.4g Protein,7.3g Sodium,<0.01g Salt,<0.01g