Terroirs du Liban

Terroirs du Liban Grape & Date Syrup - Jallab

Originally from the Middle East, the grape and date syrup "Jallab" is made from date molasses, grape molasses and rose water, all smoked with natural incense. "Jallab” is both the name of the drink and the syrup with which it is prepared. For a pure moment of delight, it is garnished with sliced almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, raisins and is tasted with the help of a small spoon to easily eat the dried fruits. It can also be used as a coulis with dairy desserts and dry cakes or to mix with your cocktails. Developed by the women's agricultural cooperative of Fourzol in the Bekaa Valley, our grape and date syrup "Jallab" is made from molasses produced by the same cooperative located in the Bekaa plains, a region that is especially known for its ideal climate for growing vineyards.

Sugar (46%), water, grape molasses (origin: Lebanon), date molasses (origin: Iraq), rose water, caramel (coloring) E150a and citric acid (acidifier) E330. Smoked with natural incense. *May contain traces of MILK, ALMOND, GLUTEN and SESAME.