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Sugar Free

Great tasting and soothing eucalyptus candy that comforts a sore throat and helps you breathe free.

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isomalt (73%), water, chocolate (13%) (cocoamass, maltitol, cocoa butter, lecithin of soya, vanilline flavour), cream (7%), butter (5%), whey milk powder, flavours, emulsifier: lecithin of soya, salt, sweetener: acesulfam-Κ.

Energy, 9,3kcal Fats, 0,3g - of which saturates, 0,2g Carbohydrates, 2,5g -of which sugars, 0,1g - of which polyols, 2,4g Fibers, 0,0g Proteins, 0,0g Salt, 0,01g