Pascual Greek Yogurt Plain

High in Protein
Gluten Free

Pascual Greek takes after the Greek cuisine that uses only the freshest ingredients prepared in the simplest ways. This is Pascual’s the guiding principle in crafting a flavorful treat. With a distinct flavor and velvety mouthfeel, Pascual greek is without a doubt, our most premium offer.


Pasteurized whole milk, pasteurized cream, sugar, modified starch (E-1422) as stabilizer, milk proteins, beef gelatin as gelling agent and lactic cultures (milk). Allergens in bold.

Energy, 130 Kcal
Protein, 3g
Carbohydrates, 14g
- Of which sugar, 11g
Fat, 7g
- Of which saturated, 4.5g
Sodium, 40mg