Elephant Pretzel Twist - Sea Salt And Honey


sea salt and honey, whole-wheat flour, crunchy.

It presents a mixture of that are organic and generally baked. These are a fireball of flavor . It is a rich supply of protein and no additional fake flavour. These are a mixture of goodness of nature as they are organic while the hot flavour of sea salt and honey that are seasoned with golden spices give it a yummy taste.


All Purpose Flour,Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed/Sunflower With Variable Proportions),Sugar,Barley Malt Extract,Whole Wheat Flour,Honey 2,5%,Brown Sugar,Sea Salt 1,3%,Yeast,Antioxidant Rosemary Extract.

Energy,428kcal Protein,9.8g Carbohydrates,75g Sugar,11g Fat,9.1g Salt,1.3g