The Good Thymes

The Good Thymes Thymes Nutty Mix

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Expiry date: Friday 1 March, 2024
A great rich and smoky taste, best enjoyed with olive or canola oil and traditional Arabic bread.

Do you want to take your tastebuds to the southern Lebanese countryside? The Good thymes mixes offer a distinct flavor to all your dishes and sandwisches. Made from wholesome spices , they're free of artificial colors or flavors, additives or preservatives.

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Zaatar, peanuts, sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, pecans, sumac, sea salt.

Energy, 50Kcal Total of fat,4g -of which sat, 0.5g -of which trans,0g Total of carbohydrates,3g -of which fiber,2g -of which sugar,0g proteins,<2g