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You will surely notice it, after a few days, your green broccoli is not really green anymore. It is turning yellow, a sign that it is starting to age.

Although present on all market stalls and in our gardens, broccoli is an ancient vegetable. Its origin dates back to Roman times. It was then quickly adopted by the Italians and it was our dear queen-mother Catherine de Medici who introduced it to the French court. It was she who gave it the name of “Italian asparagus”.

Its popularity is explained by its many virtues , which make broccoli the king of vegetables. Among other benefits, it is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. In addition, it contains substances called glucosinolates which release sulforaphane. This substance then acts as an anti-inflammatory and is therefore recommended in the prevention of all diseases related to the joints, in particular osteoarthritis. It also prevents cancers of the lower abdomen, such as colon, prostate or uterine cancer.

In addition, the massive presence of vitamin A makes broccoli a very good vegetable for the eyes because the antioxidants contained in vitamin A help prevent vision problems.

Vitamin C is also a key asset of broccoli, since it contains more than orange! In short, to avoid the common cold, stock up on broccoli before winter!

How to store broccoli to prevent it from yellowing?

A crucial step after purchasing or harvesting broccoli is its storage. The trick is then to make a bouquet of flowers (or rather broccoli)! Indeed, if you want to keep it for up to a week, make a bouquet and place it in a glass in the refrigerator. Remember to change the water every day. You will see, its conservation will only be improved!

If you don't have room in your refrigerator to do so, you can also place your broccoli in the crisper . Be careful though to moisten it well beforehand, and re-humidify it regularly, this is the essential conservation trick.

Finally, freezing is a possible option, in order to stock up for the off-season moments. Blanching the vegetables beforehand is however necessary. To do this, you need to wash and separate the bunches of broccoli. Peel and remove the fibrous part of the stem and cut it into pieces. Boil them in salted water for about 4 minutes. You can then keep them in the freezer for up to 1 year, to keep their properties.

What to do with my broccoli once it turns yellow?

There comes a time when your broccoli turns yellow. Precautions should then be taken with broccoli, but generally with all crucifers (cabbage). Indeed, some vegetables, once wilted, release a substance that can be toxic.

Broccoli, when it is only slightly yellowed, is no problem and should not be thrown away. It should still be noted that it has lost some of its properties. The best is then to make a soup!

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