Elephant Pretzels Dark Chocolate

It is equipped with a taste that’s perfect for toppings, pairings or popping. They are a great snack and also can be served anytime. They complement perfectly with quick meals and also serve as a base for party appetizers.

Grinding Wheat,Chocolate Milk 27%,Sugar,Butter,Cocoa Powder,Full Costume Dough,Cocoa Emulsion,Soy,Lecithin Flavour,Sugar,Fat,Angel. Glakoz Syrup,Wheat,Islands Crunched,Yeast. Carbonate,Hamad Ammonium,Sodium Carbonate Acid,Phosphate Mono Calcek,Salt,Milk,Proteins,Natural Flavour,Skimmed Milk Powder,The Possibility Of The Presence Of Eggs And Nuts.

Energy, 502kcal
Protein, 7.5g
Carbohydrates, 63g
- of which Sugar, 28g
Fat, 24g
Sodium, 520mg