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Nabat Organic pumpkin seed

High in Protein
Gluten Free
Our organic pumpkin seeds are a high-quality unsalted, organic, and vegan-friendly superfood. They may be used in sweet and savory recipes and are perfect for satisfying food cravings because of their delicious flavor and highly nutritious value. Pumpkin seeds are a great addition to various recipes, including granola mixes, protein bars, baked goods, cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, and salads. They can also be consumed raw as a tasty keto-friendly snack.

Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Energy, 160Kcal
Total of fat,13g
-of which sat, 2.5g
-of which trans,0g
Total of carbohydrates,4g
-of which fiber,2.5g
-of which sugar,0g