KAMAKIAN Armenian Basil Salt

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Dairy Free
Low Calorie
Armenian basil, also known as Rihan, has a very specific aromatic flavor. Coupled with the coarse salt of the Mediterranean shores of Anfeh in Lebanon, this Armenian basil salt becomes a delightful way to add flavor and brightness to a variety of foods.
The artisanal activity of salt farming is becoming more and more endangered around the world. In Lebanon, and more specifically in Anfeh, our farmers passed down their techniques from generation to generation.
$3.47 $6.94you save $3.47

Sea salt, Armenian basil (rihan)

Energy, 5 Kcal
Fat, 0.2g
- of which saturated, 0g
Sodium, 0.8mg
Carbohydrates, 1g
- of which sugars, 0.1g
Fiber, 0.4g
Protein, 0.2g