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Biona Coconut Milk

Dairy Free

Organic, no emulsifiers or stabilisers, 100% Natural, Great Taste Award Winner. Bringing a little luxury to dishes, our silky coconut milk can be used in everything from aromatic curries to dairy-free ice cream. Use as a vegan cream substitute and pour straight into plain rice or chickpea dahls to add subtle sweetness, or try a little stirred into your morning smoothie for a tropical twist. Pressed from coconut kernels, our natural coconut milk contains no artificial ingredients. As a result, the coconut fat and water content can separate, but this has no impact on the final quality of the product: simply stir into hot dishes or blend the contents to combine.

This coconut milk comes in a ready-to-use, non- BPA lined can complete with a ring-pull lid, for effortless use in your cooking. Love Coconuts? As part of the range we also have Coconut Milk Light (low fat), Coconut Cream (22% fat). Also try our Creamed Coconut - a concentrated block which can either be used as it is in curries and even sweet dishes or blended with water to create your own coconut milk.

As part of the wider Biona Organic Coconut range we also have raw virgin and odourless coconut oil - great for high temperature cooking as well as a range of coconut butters for cooking and baking.


Coconut*(50%), Water. * = Certified Organic Ingredients.

-of which saturates,15.8g
-of which sugars,1.8g