Granola Crunchy Bar Oats & Chocolate


Granola Bar is not a simple snack! It contains beta-glucans that reduces the blood cholesterol level. Thanks to the well selected ingredients and exceptional recipe, it is tasty and very nutritious. Free of: preservatives, flavor enhancers (including glutamates), artificial colorings and flavorings, raising agents.


Wholegrain oatmeal 57%, raw cane sugar, sunflower oil, chocolate 7% (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin (of soya); natural flavouring), honey, natural flavouring, sea salt.

Energy, 470 kcal Fat, 19 g – of which saturated fatty acids, 3.4 g Carbohydrates,63 g – of which sugars, 28 g Fibre,6.3 g Protein, 8.5 g Salt, 0.33 g