Nabat Organic Cassava Flour

Gluten Free

Cassava Flour is sourced from the Cassava root, an age-old staple food of Asia, Africa, and South America. Nabat’s Organic Cassava Flour has a fine texture and a neutral flavor making it a perfect ingredient for gluten-free, paleo-friendly diets. It is a wonderful, grain-free alternative to wheat flour and can frequently be used in innumerable recipes as a 1:1 substitute because it has the same feel. Be it for breadcrumbs in meatballs or recipes for brownies, flatbread, and cookies, organic cassava flour can add delicacy to any recipe.


Organic stone ground cassava flour, free of additives.

Energy, 110Kcal
Total of fat,0g
-of which sat, 0g
-of which trans,0g
Total of carbohydrates,26g
-of which fiber,2g
-of which sugar,0g