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Nabat Organic Pea Protein Powder Unflavored

Gluten Free
Nabat’s Organic Pea Protein Powder is isolated from the yellow peas named Pisum Sativum. Our pea protein powder is made from high-quality organic yellow pea by removing the starch and fibers, leaving it full of 9 vital amino acids and arginine. This vegan protein powder is soy-free, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and has no additives or flavored gums. Our organic protein powder boosts the nutritional benefits of foods and is easily mixed with any baked goods, protein bar, beverage, juice, or smoothie. Ideal for a vegan diet, this powder also makes a great addition to protein shakes.

Organic Yellow Pea Protein Isolate

Energy, 100Kcal
Total of fat,2g
-of which sat, 0g
-of which trans,0g
Total of carbohydrates,1g
-of which fiber,0g
-of which sugar,0g