Nurishh Plant -Based Grated Mozzarella Flavor

Dairy Free

Vegan delicacy with mozzarella flavor. This tasty vegan version of the famous cheese will bring you to Italy. Vegan mozzarella is a suitable addition to salads or sandwiches. Eat it with cherry tomatoes and pesto to enhance the flavor. The product contains no animal products, lactose, colorants, or preservatives.



water, modified starch, 10% coconut oil, acid regulator: calcium citrate, salt, natural flavors: citric acid, olive extract, colorants: natural beta carotene, vitamin B12.

Energy, 281 kcal
Fat, 20 g
-of which saturated fatty acids, 13 g
Carbohydrates, 23 g
-of which sugars, 0.0 g
Protein, 3 g
Salt, 2 g
Calcium, 600 mg
vitamin B12, 1.5 μg