Raw Bites

Raw Bites Protein Puffs Peanut Butter

High in Protein
Gluten Free

Air popped peanut puffs, never baked or fried , they are free of additives, preservatives and colorings. Plus, they are tested by an officially approved laboratory(IRI) Industrial research institute and the milk protein used is approved by the USDA.

Just close your eyes as you crunch.. you won't believe that Raw Bites are free of refined sugars or sweeteners! They are just what you were looking for: a heavenly taste and only natural ingredients


nuts, dairy, grains, legumes and fruits only are what they're made of!

Energy, Kcal 204
Fat, g8o
-of which saturates,g1
Carbohydrates, g18
-of which sugars, g0
Fiber 10g
Protein, g15
Salt, g440