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LivGood with Diabetes is dedicated to articles based on the newest studies, healthy recipes and diabetic friendly products carefully selected by our nutrition experts.

We have found a simple way to help you manage your diabetes and have a healthier journey through our selection of products, recipes, articles and social media posts.

It’s nutrition content you can trust, backed by research(American Diabetes Association, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention..) and reviewed by nutritionists. We have gathered all our diabetic friendly products in a section and the most important articles and meal plans that are easy to follow so we can inspire you to live good with diabetes and make better choices.

We will be publishing new contents and launching new products regularly to help with diabetes prevention and management, healthy eating, meal planning and cooking inspiration, and we’ll be reporting on the latest nutrition news and studies.

Meanwhile, you can check the articles below:

Diabetes 101

Healthy Meal Plan & Shopping List

Healthy Eating

Delicious Recipes

Exercise & Lifestyle

LivGood's goal is to empower people with diabetes or those who are taking care of a diabetes patient to live better every day by providing them with information, support and inspiration to make healthier choices.

Using encouraging, empowering language can help someone feel more motivated and more likely to take control of their health. Ultimately, unbiased, person-first and respectful language can lead to a better experience living with a chronic condition. And there is nothing we want more than to help our readers live well with diabetes.

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