Because Love Heals It All And Love Is The Answer

Because Love Heals It All And Love Is The Answer

Oct 06, 2020Mireille Hammal

"This situation is unbearable. We can't take it anymore, we need to go back to normal, we can't wait to go back to normal." This is the common sentence the majority of people was repeating recently and during the Lockdown.

Why many people were so in hurry to return to normal?
Why many people weren't able to cope with this Quarantine that I personally was choosing to call A Retreat?

Because at a certain point whether we accept it or not, people were asked to just sit with themselves and this is what they were actually avoiding all their life. Definitely, this was not a comfort zone for many.
Throughout the recent years, most people worked perfectly on filling their daily life with all kinds and types of distractions to keep themselves permanently busy so they won't have a minute for themselves where they can sit and think of all the things and the emotions they were unable to face and/or to look at. Then, when the whole Universe decided to interfere by sending us all home to help us returning to the healthy normal that was hugely needed in every area of our lives, the panic has started.

Unquestionably, Not everyone was able to really accept this kind of retreat. Not everyone was maybe ready to face the new reality with ease and harmony. Not all of us are at the same level of consciousness and awareness to be able to cope easily and to accept all the learnings we badly needed as human beings in this time and in this era where living fast, staying busy and giving our power away started to become the normal.

This is okay. No one is judged and every person has the free will to choose when and how to awaken and to start taking care of him/herself.

Nevertheless, when humanity has reached a level where pain, fear, panic attacks, depression, unhappiness, addictions, suicides, self-destruction, psycho-somatic symptoms were increasing to reach almost every family, we do owe ourselves a moment to pause, to think and to reconsider every aspect of our life.

Now, Why we have been all sent home all over this Planet?

What did we need to learn from all this?
Why did we need to follow the physical distance rules?

How were we supposed to be dealing with all this sudden change and to cope with the new reality before rushing to go back to the "Abnormal" Normal?
The truth is that we were asked to choose taking responsibility.
By scrolling all over the following affirmations that every one of us needed and/or still need to go through gently and calmly before deciding to rush out to the old unhealthy lifestyle where stress was ruling and ruining our lives.

I choose to return to myself.

I accept to look inward.

I choose to re-assess my life, my choices, my judgments, my thoughts, my words and my actions.

I choose to look at the emotions I always avoided.

I choose to clean what I kept hiding under the rug.

It is safe for me to look at my emotions.

I choose to question my life style.

I choose to slowdown.

It is safe for me to sit with myself.

It is okay to feel afraid, I choose to voice it out and to release it, to let go and to let God.

It is safe for me to sit with my family.

It is safe for me to communicate with my family, my partner, my siblings, my parents, my children.

I choose to communicate with ease, love and harmony.
I choose to reconsider all the moments where I have been inconsiderate, judgmental, harsh, hostile, unkind and unfriendly towards myself and others. I choose to heal all that with ease and love, I choose to return to my heart and to shift my awareness.

I choose to set clear and firm boundaries in my life and to respect other people boundaries.

I choose to respect Mother's Earth need for a break, I respect my body's need for a break too.
It is okay for all of us to live in harmony, peace, abundance and love with equal rights to everyone.

It is okay to have nothing to do sometimes.
It is okay to unleash my creativity and to shine through the talents I have always suppressed.
It is okay to re-visit every area of my life and to ask myself am I really happy with all what I was doing all my life? Am I happy in this work? Is this the real life style I really want? Am I really a satisfied person?
Do I really wish to keep running purposeless just for the sake of earning and saving money?
Do I wish to manifest a harmonious and serene life where everything I need comes to me easily without the need to work hard as I was taught all my life?
Do I really wish to have time for myself, for self-care, for my health, for my body, for my talents, for my hobbies, for my partner, for my family?
Do I really wish to remain a soulless follower where I keep on giving my inner power away and accepting all the programs and the agendas imposed on me?
Do I really wish to gain my freedom back?
We are human beings and this is the essence we have totally forgot.
We are not human doings.
We are simply meant to be not to keep doing and over doing just to satisfy our ego, to please others, to receive validation, to feel accepted or to abide by all the conditioning they kept on practicing against us under a fake title called: Success.
Why the whole humanity had to face a virus affecting the lungs and the heart chakra?
Because we have simply forgotten our true worthiness and we kept living in fear, refusing to validate our emotions, to feel our sadness, to grieve, we have forgotten to nurture ourselves, we took care of everything and of everyone except ourselves.
We forgot to breathe.
We were so taken by all the programs and the limiting beliefs created in our subconscious mind that we forgot who we are. We forgot that we are born worthy. We forgot all the wisdom and the inner blessings we were granted upon birth.

It was easier for us to believe the conditional love we were granted that mutilated our self-worthiness. Yet, because we are never left alone, a virus was sent to us to help us remembering what we forgot, to help us returning to our heart and appreciating who we are.

I Am Worthy.
We are all worthy.
We are all worthy of God’s Unconditional Love.
I Am Grateful to Mother Earth Resources.
I Am Conscious the way I use those resources.
I choose to appreciate who I am and to stop taking my blessings for granted.
I choose to forgive myself.
I choose to love myself and to take care of myself daily.
I choose to take care of my emotions, to feel them and to validate them.
I choose to practice self-compassion daily.
I choose to daily find time for my loved ones.
I choose to shine and to allow all people to shine.
I choose to live in peace with myself and with all.
I choose to become compassionate with all sentient beings.
I give myself permission to grieve and to feel my sadness.
I breathe in love, I breathe out gratitude.
Grounded and Focused is how I move around the world.
If you are longing to a normal life, this is how the real, genuine and normal life is meant to be.
If you are choosing to walk out of this confinement without visiting this check-list above and by neglecting yourself once again, then you are asked to take responsibility of this risky choice you are making. What matters nowadays is not the fear of putting a mask while going out, what matters truly is the daily inner work we are opting for on an individual and collective level.
If we choose to go out with the old mentality and to simply opt for the old life style based on stress, busyness, competition, greed, pollution, traffic, unequal opportunities for all mankind, disrespect for animals and natural resources, toxic thoughts, unhealed emotions, hostile intentions and else, no amount of masks, sanitizers and detergents would be enough to protect us.

Because we will be refusing to look within, we will be refusing to grab this golden opportunity we were granted to learn and to heal our life. By adopting the old abnormal lifestyle we will be putting more stress on our immunity system that will be affected by any kind of dis-ease.

A dis-ease is An emotional discomfort in the body, it comes up to the surface in the shape of a physical ailment to help us looking inward, healing our old wounds, traumas, repressed emotions, to reconsider our choices or the situations we are living in and to address our life style.

Life is meant to be lived with ease, joy, harmony and abundance.
When we are all making this wish of going back to the healthy and genuine normal, we are meant to return to love.
Because Love heals it all and Love is the Answer.
Light and Love always.

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