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A fat-free diet often limits fat intake to 50 g per day. It should mainly be followed by people with health problems that make it hard to process fat like chronic pancreatitis and gallbladder disease patients. This diet will lower the side effects of fat malabsorption, such as diarrhea, gas and cramping.


400GRS 800GRS
145,000 LBP
A real quality milk naturally rich in calcium and phosphorus . Ideal for strengthening bones. split It's simply a french top quality milk,completely free of...
36,000 LBP
36,000 LBP
Skimmed milk, rich in calcium.
1 L
39,000 LBP
39,000 LBP
Zero fat milk. split Since 2011, Dairy Khoury processing plant  has been certified to ISO 22000:2005. This international standard is set of requirements where the...


120,000 LBP
A dairy dessert with \\Double zero\\ guarantee: 0% fat and 0% added sugars . Thursday, November 25, 2021 split A lighter version of Elle &...
350 ML
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This sugar free aloe vera drink has an exceptionally high percentage of Aloe Vera and is made of natural ingredients. split Get your daily dose...


250ML 750ML
14,000 LBP
14,000 LBP
A classic that never goes out of style! Get that tangy citrus punch balanced with the smooth texture of freshly pressed oranges. It's free of...
1.3 KG
210,000 LBP
210,000 LBP
Artisan Unbleached Bread Flour is a premium high-protein flour milled from America's highest quality wheat. It’s a favorite of artisan bakers due to its high...
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Making delicious gluten free baked goods is a snap with Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour blend. Simply follow any one of your favorite baking recipes...
265,000 LBP
This Gluten Free Brownie Mix makes moist, indulgent brownies with a deliciously rich chocolate flavor and wonderfully fudgy texture. Made with Bob's Red Milll unique...
220,000 LBP
220,000 LBP
Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix takes the guesswork out of gluten-free dessert! Follow the instructions on the back of the bag for a light and...