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Catering to every lifestyle, we constantly search the world to bring people selected goods that are produced and sourced following ethical and sustainable practices.

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Mar 24, 2023
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Nov 16, 2022
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Oct 25, 2022
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Maya NassarFitness Coach

“LivGood is an amazing new concept in Lebanon! I love their wide selection of healthy and delicious food items and beverages. What I especially loved is their selection of healthy snacks for kids, which is perfect for any busy mom.”

Sara BabaFounder of the Art of Wellness

“This is by far my favorite website; I can easily filter and search for my products. Their delivery service and Eco-friendly packaging feel amazing.”

Janis Sarraf

“not only the packaging itself is an energy booster, but the products are so tasty and are of amazing quality”

Danielle HatemFounder of @DDOESBUSINESS

“You want to manage work, stress and health? LivGood is your go to place! Efficient, quick and healthy online market place! You also get to choose from the best local made products.”

Dina M. Dekermenjian

“I’ve always had trouble finding all those healthy and special ingredients & snacks in the market, now I can find them all at LivGood! Made my life easier and I can shop online from the comfort of home without the hassle of moving from one store to the other!”

Maha MasriFounder of Afkart

"My new destination for online shopping - loved how we can easily chat and get free recommendations from their dietitian, very professional!"

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