Elle&Vire Dairy Desserts With Blueberry

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Expiry date: Sunday, March 10, 2024

Made using top-quality fresh milk and pieces of real fruit to give a creamy texture and delicious fruity taste . It has a high fruit content.

A fruity taste and a creamy texture are not only what make this yogurt special. But also the top quality French milk that was used to create it.

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Skimmed cow milk, water, sugar, blueberry (6%), cow’s milk cream, starch, food additives : stabilisers : pectin, agar, natural flavouring (blueberry taste)

Energy, (Kcal)91 Fat, (g)1.5 -of which saturates, (g)1 Carbohydrates, (g)16.9 -of which sugars, (g)15 Fiber, (g)0.7 Protein, (g)2.2 Salt, (g)1