Nabat Natural Granulated Erythritol

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Low glycemic & zero calories sweetener.

Our Granulated Erythritol is a natural plant based zero calorie sweetener that is 70 Percent as sweet as sugar. This Natural sweetener from Nabat has an exceptionally low glycaemic index and is a tested and verified gluten free, low calorie substitute of regular table sugar, making it ideal for Keto, Vegan, and other sugar sensitive diets. Whether it s your cereal, favorite smoothie, or baked good, this organic sweetener by Nabat can deliciously sweeten your food in a guilt free way.

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Natural Erythritol.

Energy,0kcal Protein,0g Carbohydrates,4g - of which Sugar, 0g Fat,0g Fibre,0g Sodium,0g