Eshmoon Almond Chocolate Spread

Gluten Free
Sugar Free

Eshmoon's chocolate spread is a healthy delicacy sweetened with molasses , made from raw, organic cacao and blended in extra virgin coconut oil.

It's a wide selection of high-end natural products simply made by combining non-processed ingredients and wrapping them in a recyclable package.Plus, Eshmoon delicious and healthy products are local and fair trade.


Theobroma (cocoa) seed powder, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit butter, cocos nucifera coconut fruit extract, theobroma cacao seed butter, vits vinefera (grapes) fruit extract, cerationa siliqa (carob) fruit extracts, almond, natural vanilla, vitamin E, himalayan salt.

Energy, 35 Kcal
Fat, 3.2g
-Of which saturated, 2.5g
Carbohydrates, 6g
-Of which sugars, 4g
Fiber, 2g
Protein, (g)0.4
Salt, (g)6 mg