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Bonne Maman has made this Intense Apricot Jam for you, with pieces that are still just as generous and tender and less sweet, like at home.

Total fruit content: Prepared with 64 g of fruit per 100 g of finished product.
Precautions: May contain pits.
Storage conditions: After opening, keep in the refrigerator and consume quickly.

$4.83 $6.04you save $1.21

Extra apricot jam reduced in sugar, i.e. 30% less sugar than traditional jam.Apricots, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectins.

Energy, 50Kcal Total of fat,15g -of which sat, 0g -of which trans,0g Total of carbohydrates,13g -of which fiber,0g -of which sugar,12g proteins,0g