Nabat Arame

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The mildest tasting of all sea vegetables. Harvested, shredded, cooked, and naturally air dried. Quick cooking and easy to prepare. Rich in dietary fiber, low in calories, low sodium, and a good source of vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium.

Our premium Japanese Arame is a beautiful wavy seaweed that has two slick, oval fronds. When dried and cooked, Arame resembles hijiki in appearance and color. We select Arame’s most tender fronds from the hand-harvested summer produce. The tender and delicate fronds of Arame are washed, sun-dried, steamed, shredded, and air-dried before packaging. This natural seaweed could be a delicious addition to your vegetable dishes, salads, stuffing, and more. To prepare for use, give the Arame a quick rinse, soak for 5 minutes and add it to your recipe as desired.

Ideal in salads and sauteed vegetable dishes.

Arame Seaweed

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Arame (eisenia bicyclis) wild

Energy, 140Kcal Total of fat,0.7g Total of carbohydrates,56.2g proteins,12.4g