Bjorg Biscuits Nutri+ Petit Nature


Whole meal cookie. Discover the p'tit nature nutri + Bjorg biscuits and fill up on energy. Organic, without palm oil, rich in fiber and sources of iron and magnesium, these whole meal biscuits will be essential for a breakfast snack.




WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR* 76.8%, brown cane sugar*, rapeseed oil*, WHEAT starch*, baking powder: ammonium carbonates; sea ​​salt, natural vanilla flavor, antioxidant: rosemary extracts* *Organic ingredients

Energy,416 kcal fat,10g -of which saturated fatty acids,0.9g carbohydrates,69g -of which sugars,20g -of which dietary fiber,8.4g protein,8.2g salt,0.43g phosphorus,0.229g magnesium,0.068g