Cereal Bio

Cereal Bio Galette Sarasin Emmental

Céréal Bio cereal pancakes combine the benefits of cereals with delicious and original flavors. Discover the aromatic flavor of buckwheat and bulgur combined with that of cheese in this crispy pancake. To be enjoyed accompanied by a leek fondue or a salad of young shoots. The Céréal Bio Buckwheat & Bulgur Galette with Emmental is organic and without coloring, in accordance with current regulations.

Whole wheatbulgur * rehydrated 46.3%, grilled buckwheat* rehydrated 17.4%, emmentalcheese * (without animal rennet) 10.3%, vegetable oils* 5.6% (oleic sunflower oil* 5.3%, sunflower oil* 0.3%), whole wheatflakes  * 5.4%, onions*, whole oat flakes* 3.1%, wheatflour * 2%, wheat gluten* 1.8%, sea ​​salt, pepper*.*Ingredients from organic farming.Made in a workshop that uses:soy, nuts, egg, sesame and celery.Source of protein and fiber.

Energy, 225 kcal
Fat, 9.00 g
- of which saturated fatty acids, 2.10 g
Carbohydrates, 25.00 g
-including Sugars, 1.90 g
Dietary fiber, 4.20 g
Protein, 8.80 g
Salt, 0.97 g