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Biona Chickpeas

High in Protein
A pantry essential and a great source of vegan protein, our buttery organic chickpeas are satisfyingly filling and deliciously moreish. Give homemade houmous a velvety texture, or let their creamy taste round off spicy dahls and wholesome stews. You can even spoon them through rice, couscous and salads to add nuttiness and a firm bite. Our organic chick peas are made with no added sugar, and are an excellent source of protein, making them well-suited to a vegan diet.

Chickpeas*, Water. * = Certified Organic Ingredients.

Energy,131kcal Fat,2.6g -of which saturates,0.3g Carbohydrate,17g -of which sugars,0.2g Fiber,7.6g Protein,6.4g Salt,0.03g