Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Powder Smooth Vanilla Flavor

Gluten Free

Purely natural and 100% plant-based golden pea protein. It's low in carbs and free from all important allergens including gluten, GMO, lectine, soy, dairy and xanthan gum.

Use: add 2 measuring spoons (25 g) to a shaker with 350 ml of water and shake. Or mix with yogurt, fruits and berries to create a delicious smoothie. Depending on the diet and activity level, take 1-3 servings per day


Avg. Qty. Per Serve Per 100ml
Histidine 494mg 141mg
Isoleucine 889mg 254mg
Leucine 1660mg 474mg
Lysine 1423mg 406mg
Methionine 217mg 62mg
Phenylalanine 1087mg 310mg
Threonine 771mg 220mg
Tryptophan 198mg 56mg
Valine 988mg 282mg
Alanine 850mg 243mg
Arginine 1719mg 491mg
Aspartic acid 2272mg 649mg
Cysteine 198mg 56mg
Glutamic acid 3319mg 948mg
Glycine 810mg 231mg
Proline 889mg 254mg
Serine 1047mg 299mg
Tyrosine 751mg 215mg

All specified values are averages.*Recommended Dietary Intake for adults aged 19-70 years (NRV, 2006) (average). Store in a cool dry place below 30°C.


Pea protein isolate, Natural vanilla flavour, Natural sweetener (Thaumatin^). ^Katemfe fruit extract

Energy,105Cal Protein,20g - gluten,0g Fat,2.1g - Of which saturated,0.5g Carbohydrate,1.3g - Of which sugars, 0.3g Dietary fiber, 0.3g Sodium, 474mg Iron,3.6mg