The Keto Foods

The Keto Foods Cookies

Gluten Free
Sugar Free

The Keto Cookies are buttery, crumbly and everything a cookie should be, minus the sugar, the gluten and carbs! Only 1 net carb per piece.

It is a pre-order item so it will be delivered within 24 hours

Yes. They exist! Keto foods that are made locally ,and they are delicately made to ensure you have your dose of healthy fats and protein and the correct amount of carbs. From bread to sweets, this collection is a must-have if you follow a ketogenic diet and even if you don't!



Almond flour, vanilla, erythritol, unsweetened cocoa powder, butter

Energy, 80 Kcal
Fat, 7.7g
-of which saturates,0g
-of which sugars,0g
Protein, 1.9g