Bear Giant Yoyo Strawberry & Mango 5 X 20G

Gluten Free
  • Gently baked fruit and veg roll with apple, pear, mango and strawberry.
    Gently baked for natural goodness and real flavour
    And a real fun Bear card to keep, trade and collect
    100% natural ingredients
    Never from concentrates
    Absolutely nothing else
    Gluten free
    Nut free
    Vegan friendly

Apples (52.8%), Pears (36.5%), Mangos (10.1%), Strawberries (0.5%), Black Carrot Extract (0.1%)

Energy, 280kcal Fat,0g -of which saturates, 0g Carbohydrate,63g - of which sugars, 42g Fiber, 10g Protein, 1.9g Salt,0g