hachichet albe

Initiate Tea

Low Calorie
Pack of 12 signature tea bags, filled with natural organic blends of teas and herbals, for more than 30 infusions or 12 pots of tea.

An assortment of herbs, fruits, flowers and spices that you have probably met before.

The first trip you choose to take with NATURE’S WARMTH teas and herbals, will remind you of your ancestors’ wisdom and reinforces your inherited belief in the power of pure natural herbs, and in the new life form that it takes inside your veins.

It contains:

4 Tea blends for after breakfast:
• ALKALIZE: Japanese Kukicha / Marigold / Chrysanthemum
• MINDFUL: Earl Grey / Sage / Marigold / Kumquat
• FORTRESS: White tea Silver Needle / Cedar leaf / Rose bud
• FOREVER YOUNG: Japanese Sencha / Hawthorn

4 Energizing herbal tea blends for after lunch:
• ENERGIZE: Ginger / Lemon / Turmeric / Black peppercorn /Lemon Verbena
• MEMORY LANE: Red Ginseng / Lemon Balm / Fennel seeds /Oat tops
• FLAME: Ceylon Cinnamon / Saigon Cinnamon
• IMMUNITY: Rooibos / Echinacea / Orange / Cacao / Marigold

4 Relaxing herbal tea blends for after dinner:
• BLOSSOM: Linden / German Chamomile / Rosemary / Yarrow / Rose / Daisy / Calamint / Dandelion / Myrtle leaves
• SWEET WOOD: Licorice root / Butterfly Pea
• FLU AWAY: Elderflower / Elderberry / Mulberry leaf / Raspberry leaf
• STONE BREAKER:  Pomegranate skin & seed / Parsley leaf & seed / Lavender

Packed in a beautiful 100% ecofriendly gift box that makes a great present for special occasions and dinner invitations, and consists of:
• 12 cotton tea bags on a bay stick
• Blend benefits list
• Suggested guideline
• Gift of 15g bay Laurel leaves
• Reusable tea box/ tissue box

Weight: 150g