Epicure Black Garlic

Gluten Free

Black Garlic is a natural superfood full of nutrients and beneficial for health and well being
Nowadays, Black Garlic is used in high end/gourmet cuisine around the world and in home kitchens
It can be paired with sweet ingredients such as chocolate or honey. It also adds flavors to sauces and dips. You can also consume it straight out of the jar for an immunity boost!

Benefits of Black Garlic: 

- Loaded with Antioxidants
- Immunity booster
- Anti-inflammatory effect
- Brain food 
- Helps mitigate allergies
- Good for heart health 
- May help stabilize blood pressure
- Helps in digestion


Garlic, 100% natural additive and preservative fre

Energy, 40Kcal
Total of fat, traces
Total of carbohydrates,8g
-of which sugar,4g
Fiber, 3g
Traces of sodium and salt