Nabat Organic 7 spices

Gluten Free
Smoked paprika is made by smoking peppers on oak fires and drying them before they are grounded and bottled. The process of smoking adds a delightful woody flavor to its natural hot character. These sweet red peppers are native to Spain and are used extensively in the local cuisine. The mildly hot flavor of smoked paprika has made this spice popular among other cuisines in Europe, America, and Asia. Use it in your curries, gravies, egg dishes, chorizo sausages, paella, stews, and meat rubs.

"Allspice*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, white
pepper*, cloves*, cumin*, coriander*.

Energy, 267 Kcal
Fat, 10g
Carbohydrates, 24.4g
Protein, 12g