Nabat Organic Stevia bag

Nabat’s Organic Stevia Sweetener is a natural substitute for regular table sugar and popular artificial sweeteners. Sourced from the leaves of the famous Stevia plant, the extract from the leaves is processed and combined with organic plant-based sweeteners like erythritol to prepare natural sugar-like beads. This certified organic, Keto-friendly, and calorie-free sweetener is much better than normal sugar. Ideal for a calorie-free food, it can be used in beverages, baked goods, and fruit salads for a sweetening experience.

"Organic erythritol, Organic
stevia leaf extract."

Energy, 0Kcal
Total of fat,0g
-of which sat, 0g
-of which trans,0g
Total of carbohydrates,4g
-of which fiber,0g
-of which sugar,0g