Mini Soya Chocolate 3X25Cl Default

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Low Fat
Lactose Free

Expiry: Thursday 5 October, 2023
UHT sterilized organic soy and chocolate beverage Bjorg Chocolate Soy mini is made from a guaranteed GMO-free organic soybean grown in Italy and specially selected to give this drink its creaminess and delicate taste.
Soy drink rich in protein and 100% vegetable suitable for a vegetarian and vegan diet, excellent vegetable alternative. Creamy texture and good chocolate taste, sweetened with blond cane sugar, to be enjoyed as is or to be used to accompany your mueslis. Made from organic soy beans grown without gmos in Italy, fsc-certified cardboard, from sustainably managed forests.
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Tonyu* (water, SOYBEANS* without GMO shelled 7%), unrefined cane sugar* cocoa* powder, chocolate* 1% (unrefined cane sugar* cocoa paste*, cocoa butter*, vanilla extract*), rice starch*, natural cocoa flavour, thickeners: guar gum*, xanthan gum; sea salt. Percentages expressed on finished product*Organic ingredients.